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What about the Solexine? - what percentage of oil?

The solexine does not exist any more. I use to be the official fuel used to power the SoleX bikes, and was produced by SoleX & BP.
The mix was composed of gaz and oil (2-3%). The gaz is super, and any 2 stroke type oil will do.
A little trick: on the 3800 model, the cap of the fuel tank can be used as the oil dose (one cap of oil for the rest of the tank of gaz).


How can I find the serial number of my SoleX?

The serial number is placed on the rear top of the engine close to the frame.


Where will I find information on other information on other moped then the SoleX?

I just do not know... I've specialized this site on the SoleX company and products, and even more precisely on the first period of the SoleX company's products.


Where can I get my SoleX fixed?

There are different leads you can try:


Where can I find spare parts?

You can find spare parts in number of places:


Where can I buy a SoleX?

As for the spare parts, you can find your SoleX in number of places:

What's the price of a SoleX?

The price of a Solex can vary a lot depending on where you are, the overall status of the bicycle, the model and age, ...
The price of a new one though, is around 4 000 FFrs or $1 300.


Is the SoleX still been produced today?

Yes, the SoleX is produced today by Impex Hungaria. Another moped using the same principle is also produced by Mopex, the Black'n roll

And Impex has gained the exclusive world-wide right of the SoleX brand from Magneti marelli for a period of 5 years. Read more about this.


Do you have technical documentations available?

All the information that I have in my possetion has been published on the site. But if you have anything more let me know and I'll be sure to add it in the site.
All documents will be found following this link.


What happened to the forum?

The provider I was using closed and I'm looking for a solution...


What happened to the classified?

I'm working on an all automatic classified tool that will comme out pretty soon.


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