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For nearly 50 years, the Vélosolex has been a daily friend to million of motor-bikers around the world and particularly in France.

The brand Solex and its flagship product still enjoy a very high level of awareness (+ 98 %*) and sympathy (+ 70 %*) among the French of every age and social categories.

Various reports evoked the project of a “return of Solex” from a certain Mopex company which does not have any right on the trademark and which intends to deceive the public. This company was condemned besides in first claim and in call for counterfeit of the Vélosolex mark. Further it has been forbidden to use the Solex trademark. Mopex does not have of any right on the trademarks Solex and Vélosolex, owned by Sinbar , which repurchased them in 2004 to the Company Magneti Marelli, subsidiary of the Fiat company.

In agreement with Sinbar, the Groupe Cible prepares with the famous Italian designer Pininfarina and its engineering subsidiary Matra, the launching of a modernized version of mythic Vélosolex.

The unique personality and sympathetic nerve which made the success of Vélosolex, will be preserved with its practical and economic aspects. The new Véloslolex will fit with today customers needs, thanks to innovating technical solutions.

Fans of mopeds and motorcycles and specially the Solex ones are invited to discover the prototype of the new Vélosolex during the “Mondial du 2 roues” exhibition, from the 1 st until 9 th of October, 2005, in Paris.

In September 2005 a press conference will be organised to present this new Vélosolex prototype.


* “Marketing-Méditerranée” survey conducted in February 2005 amongst 600 men and women between 14 and 60 years old in Paris, Clermont-Ferrand and Aix-en-Provence.

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