Books on the Solex exist, at least in frensh. You can find two sorts of documents, historic ones :

  • The book of Bernard SALVAT, "Le VéloSoleX, la bicyclette qui roule toute seule", Paris, Massin éditeur, 1989, 80 pages ; an excellent document on the history of the Solex, ( Part of it, has in fact been used to make up this site). This book is still solde in french by the editor : Charles Massin édition, 16 rue de l'Amiral Mouchez 75014 Paris - Phone : 01 45 65 48 48 - and is solde 145 F plus the transportation fees.
  • The book of Jean GOYARD "Le temps des mobs", Maxéville, EPA édition, 1995, 187 pages, proposes only a little part on the Solex.

You can also find technical documents on the Solex :

  • "Catalogue des pièces de rechange, Solex 3800", qui propose les shémas éclatés de l'ensemble du Solex.
  • "Vélosolex, guide de réglage et de démontage du moteur", qui propose une série de diagnostiques et les réparations relative à ces pannes.

You will find these documents following this link in the french part of the site.

You should know that these documents are often available at your retailer, because they should have one.

Also notice that these 2 Solex 3800 manuals are for sale, translated from French into English (15 and 18 pages, full descriptions and blown-up drawings, servicing tips). Just send Anne-Sophie $30 for both, and send the check to ENTAC, PO Box 10456, Burbank, CA 91510-0456, USA.

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