Derived Products of the Solex

Limited series :

There's been more than a colored series called "de luxe", it was a limited series called the Roland Garros SoleX. It was borne in hungaria and inherited the special green color of the frensh tennis open. It is really nice, take a look by your self :

SoleX Roland Garros

The most pecular model is still a unique Golden SoleX. This model was ordered by the Cartier Fundation for an exhibit : "nostagic about SoleX", in 1989 to "Présence Panchounette". It's a group of french artists created in 1969 and dissolved in 1990 who always wanted to laught at art, with such things as giant lawn dwarf, or artificial well ; a sort of parodic and alternative art.
In this case it's a SoleX plated with three golds and red lether signed Cartier. The name of this piece of work is "The real classic of perfect emptiness" ("Le vrai classique du vide parfait").

Le vrai classique du vide parfait, 1989

The bike from Solex :

In 1964, Solex produced the F4. It's a replica of the 3800 for kids. This bike even has a fake engine that produces sound. This bike was solde 149 F. In 1967, Solex deals with Eduardo Bianchi to produce within the next year a complete line of bikes for France and Germany. This deal will go on until the year 1973.

VéloSolex abroad :

After 1948, you could find the Solex just about everywhere, and particularly : in Switzerland (Hispano-Suiza), in Italy (SIFAC of Turino), in England, in the scandinavian countries, in Belgium and Luxembourg (Stokvis (also dealing in Indonesia and the belgian Congo)), and by l'Union Française in Africa and Asia, in the States, in South America, in the Dominican Republic (Moped Dominicana).
From 1957, we can even find it : in Spain (Orbea), in West Germany and with the help of importers and manufacturers under a VéloSolex licence this special bike was present in 57 countries.
And in 1973, the Solex will be solde in Brazil (Industrias de Cyclomotores S.A.), in Canada (Laniel Canada Inc. et Cyclex Ltd), and even in the United-States with the creation in 1947 of a special model, the 4600 to abide the standards.

Here are some exportation numbers : 37 163 units for the 6 first month of 1967, 78 000 for 1968, 47 000 for 1971 and 38 000 for 1973.

The accessories of the Solex :

Here comes a non definit list of accessories fo the Solex :
  • a declutcher for the first models
  • a central stand for old models that didn't have it
  • a derailleur
  • a transport handle
  • fuel can carriers for the side of the front wheel, one to go along the frame inbetween the clank gear and the seat, and one just aside the luggage rack
  • saddlebags
  • baby seats to mount on the luggage rack that even have foot rests
  • a hand warmer that carries the heat from the engine to the hands via a hand protection installed on the handlebar
  • a windscreen
  • a foot rest protection that goes up to the legs
  • a biger foot rest
  • an anti-mud device, a rubber that rubbes the tire under the front mudguard
  • a mudguard that covers part of the back wheel
  • and chromed bumper for the engine, the back light and also the back frame

    bidon solexine

    The Solexine :

    The Solexine was created by British Petrolium on Solex's demand and distributed from 1947. It's a special fuel optimized for the Solex engine. 4 000 000 litres were sold in 1951, 6 000 000 l in 1952, which means you could go round the world 15 000 times. Until 1957, the can was painted in green on a gold background, and from 1958 on, it was written in green on a black background whith the BP logo on a white angle. In 1969 the Solexine was solde 1,36 F the litre .

    pub solexine

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