Repairing a SoleX is realy not complicated. Although it's usfull to have the proper technical documentation. You'll find in here theses documentations for the 3800 :


Other usefull informations :

SoleX News
- The New e-SoleX 2.0 ()
- The Salon du 2 roues 2007, the confirmation of the e-SoleX ()
- SoleX videos on YouTube
-You can buy Franck Meneret's book ()
" Le Guide du VéloSoleX"
on amazon.
-You can buy Franck Meneret's book ()
" Le VéloSoleX de mon père "
on amazon.

New on the site
- The factsheets per modele ()
- The VSI 71 ()
- News technical drawings for the 1400, 1700, 2200, 3300 et 5000 ()

Info about the site
- Search on SoleX'in avec Google
- New look for SoleX'in, as you can see...
- The forum is momentarily out of order...
- A brand new automatic classified section is been worked on


And still...
- Do not forget to listen the drone of the VeloSoleX engine
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