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or the story of the bicycle that rolled on it's own.

This site is about the french motored bicycle : the VéloSolex also known as the Solex. It'll give all sorts of informations about the history of the company (Solex) and all of its products. This site will detail the technical evolution of the bick and will show pictures of these models.

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These are some of the source of information I've come to use:

  • The living SoleX Encyclopédia Franck MENERET, creator of the "Le VéloSoleX Illustré" newsletter also author of the book "Le VeloSoleX de mon père", 2002 and " Le guide du VéloSolex", 2006.
  • Bernard SALVAT's book "Le VéloSoleX, la bicyclette qui roule toute seule", Paris, Massin éditeur, 1989, 80 pages.
  • lJean GOYARD's book "Le temps des mobs", Maxéville, EPA édition, 1995, 187 pages ;

Come to think of it, you might have never seen a Solex of your whole life, well that's at least settled with the above picture, but now, you've never heard it's sound!!??... Well that's not a problem... see, because I've recorded it for you.

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- The New e-SoleX 2.0 ()
- The Salon du 2 roues 2007, the confirmation of the e-SoleX ()
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-You can buy Franck Meneret's book ()
" Le Guide du VéloSoleX"
on amazon.
-You can buy Franck Meneret's book ()
" Le VéloSoleX de mon père "
on amazon.

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